Planning To Buy An Asphalt Planer? Look For These 3 Features

Planning To Buy An Asphalt Planer? Look For These 3 Features

If you are looking to buying a new asphalt planer, what are the key factors that you need to consider? Well, if you are buying these machines for the first time, there are several things that you need to consider. These are factors that make a good asphalt planer. One of the mistakes that buyers make is going to the market without adequate information on what makes a perfect machine for the asphalt milling needs. For newbies or first-time buyers, here are key features that make a good asphalt planer.

Horsepower/ Engine Power

One of the key features that make good asphalt planer is the engine power. This is the heart of every machine used for asphalt milling. Engine power determines the kind of load that a machine can carry and mostly determines the machine capacity. When buying an asphalt planer, look the horsepower and not the physical size of the machine. You have plenty of engine powers to pick from depending on the kind of asphalt milling you want to do. This is a very important feature that you cannot afford to ignore.

Quality Of The Machine

For an asphalt planer to be effective and give value for money, you need to consider the issue for quality. In this case, quality means everything about the machine. From the material used for the body construction to the wear parts. First, the body of an asphalt planer should be as rugged as it can but depending on where it is to be used. That because asphalt milling exposes the machine to very harsh conditions. For the wear parts, especially asphalt planer bits, they must be constructed from the highest grade materials. The asphalt bits, they should be tungsten carbide tipped. Tungsten carbide is a powerful metal that withstands even the most abrasive conditions.

Advance Tech

Last but not least is technology advancement. If you are buying an asphalt planer today, it will be different from the one that was manufactured five years ago. Technology improves every day, and it is meant to make asphalt milling easy and fun. That is why it is important to check tech advancement as one of the crucial features. Some of the crucial things that you need to check are the automation of crucial functions such as gears, setting parameters, and so on. The modern asphalt planers are also controlled via smartphone apps. Check for such features.