This Is What Makes Perfect Vermeer Tub Grinder Tips

This Is What Makes Perfect Vermeer Tub Grinder Tips

When you have invested in a Vermeer tub grinder, then you should know that you have one of the best grinders in the market. However, with time, the machine parts will start wearing out due to exposure to abrasive conditions. Some of the most affected are the tips. That’s because they are the parts that do the actual during of the wood. So, you need to keep replacing them every while when they wear out.

However, most people have no idea what they should be looking for in Vermeer tub grinder tips. But that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. In this post, we are providing you with tips on what makes perfect tub grinder tips:


The first thing that makes a perfect Vermeer tub grinder tip is the size. This is the technique feature of the machine parts that must be observed when buying replacements. The size of the Vermeer tub grinder tips is determined by a number of factors.

One of them is the physical size of the machine. That is the actual length and the width of the tips. This is a very element to look out for when buying these wear parts. The other thing that you need to check the weight of the tip. Get the right weight, or you will have problems with machine vibrations.

Quality of materials

The other thing that you need to consider is when buying Vermeer tub grinder tips is the material used. This is one of the biggest factors that determines that quality of the tips. The higher the quality of the material, the better is the quality of the tips. There are all kinds of materials used, but for the tub grinder, you need to get the best quality materials. We highly recommend that you buy Vermeer tub grinder tips made of tungsten carbide materials. Tungsten carbide is one of the materials that offer the highest grade of materials.

Processing Techniques

Vermeer tub grinder tips manufacturing technique is another factor that you need to consider. Apart from just the normal manufacturing, there are many other techniques that you need to consider. For the cutter tools, you need to know of the have been hot or cold forged. This is one of the techniques that make powerful tips. Other techniques that you need to consider are brazing hard alloy and surface hard alloy. All these are features that harden Vermeer tub grinder tips.